Spartanburg County Composite

The SCCM is a cross-country mountain bike team community dedicated to getting more kids on bikes in Spartanburg County, SC.  We share a love of riding and strive to provide opportunities to young riders to become lifelong athletes.  As a non-profit, we coordinate coach training, plan trail work, and ensure that cost will not be an inhibiting factor for coach or athlete participation.

SCCM has grown so much that we are now able to split into smaller school based teams! Last season (2023) we introduced a Dorman High and Spartanburg High team. Athletes are placed on the team in which they are zoned for public schools. Athletes that are not zoned for either school will remain on the composite team. This is very exciting and we look forward to achieving “Club” status at the high schools. This will take some time to accomplish but we are looking for District 6 and 7 employees that are already involved with riding mountain bikes to join the team and get familiar with our team.

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